Dwarika Prasad Vipra P.G. College,Bilaspur(Chhattisgarh)


A History Of D.P.Vipra P.G.College,Bilaspur(C.G.)




              The year 1969 marks the beginning of college education in this area. With inspiration of Shri Rameshwar Prasad Sharma, Chairman, Laxamaneshwar Shikshan Samiti, Kharod and great efforts by Prof. Ram Narayan Shukla a night college in Bilaspur could be established. This college was affiliated to Ravi Shankar Vishwavidyalaya, Raipur in 1969-1970 and the College Education Department of M.P. Government also accorded its recognition. The college was inaugurated on September, 11, 1969 at the hands of the then Vice Chancellor of Ravi shankar University, Shri Banshi Lal Pandey, I.A.S.


                Later as the result of strong demand by students, day teaching began in July-August 1970. Ravi Shankar University, Raipur accorded permission to change the name of night College and the College was called degree college, Bilaspur. A few years later- i.e. in July 1982 the College was named as D.P.Vipra College after the name of the eminent literary figure Pt.Dwarika Prasad Vipra Tiwari, ex-president of the college Management.


D.P.Vipra College has become a centre of attraction for the enlightened students who have great thirst for knowledge. Teaching in all subjects is being done by able, experienced, skill and learned professors.


Post Graduate classes in many subjects were introduced in various subjects:- Sociology (1982) Hindi, Political Science and History (1984) and Economics, Geography and Psychology(1989). The faculty of commerce started in 1985 and law faculty in 1989. In course of time D.P. Vipra Law collage started functioning in Ashok Nagar Sarkanda area Bilaspur. The Science faculty , started in July 1991. In 1993 computer course and in 1995 B.Sc. Microbiology and Electronics were introduced. In the year 1998, Post Graduation classes in English Literature started, in the year 1999, B.Sc computer Maintenance and M.Sc. Maths started, and in the year 2001 Post Graduate classes in Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Computer and Micro-Biology started. Teaching in B.Com. Computer Application, M.Sc. Electronics, B.C.A., P.G.D.C.A., and P.G.D.H.M., began in 2004. It needs special mention that in the session 2008-09, teaching of Bio-chemistry and Bio-technology at degree, level also started.


            We feel proud in saying that the State Govt. readily agreed to give this college maintenance grant since the second year of the college coming into existence. We aim at the fulfillment of several plans. It is not a matter of surprise that the college has prospered in a very short time because the Institution which aims at cultivating human virtues and works for the spread of education and preparing good citizens grow quickly. The progress can be discerned by the growing number of students were 107. The number rose 2400 in 1986-87. In the year 1994-95 the college strength was 2600 which became 3600 in 1997-98 and 4021 in 1999-2000. Since then the number is steadily increasing.         




The above facts show that the college has earned reputation and popularity in the field of higher Education. We aim to retain our prestige and popularity and strive to further develop the Institution quality wise, at the present stage of development in education many students of our college have been selected in campus selection test organized by several companies. We hope our growing prestige will attract ever better companies to come to the college to hold campus selection tests. The college has faced many problems in early days but the management committee did much to solve them.


It is indeed a matter of credit that the college at its birth had no funds or property but now has its our land worth several crores and many buildings water several crores. It has 40 class rooms, 10 laboratories and a good library pertaining to different subjects and costing more than 30 lakhs rupees. We are determined to progress.


It is also a matter of pride that this college produced such students who occupied at are occupying important positions in administration, social bodies and in the fields of politics, commerce and industry.


In the changing world, priorities in education demand introduction of new subjects. Therefore, we are introducing new subjects in the college and expect from the students to work hard to be successful. We expect that students maintain discipline and observe punctuality, be successful and become good citizens.





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