Latest News/Notices

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1December 31, 2020Tender Letter for Virtual Class Room & Rule Regulations view
2December 5, 2020Time Table for Special ATKT exam view
3December 5, 2020Information for Special ATKT exam view
4December 5, 2020Regarding registration in Digilocker view
5November 24, 2020Time Table for Special Exam view
6October 24, 2020Tender Letter, List of Equipments & Rules view
7October 3, 20202nd Year & 3rd Year Students ID for Fees view
8September 30, 2020Notice for BA II and III year Students for Environmental Examination view
9September 14, 2020Information for Submission of Answer Sheets view
10September 12, 2020Examination Sept 2020 view
11August 20, 2020Revised Tender Letter for Practical Equipments and Computers view
12July 17, 2020Tender Letter for Practical Instruments and Computers view
13August 27, 2019Tender for New Construction in Existing Building view
14July 29, 2019Tender for Sports Material & Books view
15June 18, 2019Tender for Architectural Consultancy Service view
16March 8, 2019206 to 207 Exam Code Transfer Main Exam-2019 view
17October 11, 2018Revised Tender Date for Sports view
18September 25, 2018Tender Letter view
19September 25, 2018Details of Tender for Stationary view
20September 25, 2018Details of Tender for Sports Materials view
21September 25, 2018Details of Tender for Practical Equipments view
22September 25, 2018Details of Tender for Electrical Equipments view
23September 25, 2018Details of Tender for Computer Repairing view
24September 25, 2018Details of Tender for Chemical Purchasing view
25September 25, 2018Details of Tender for Books Purchase view
26September 25, 2018Details of Tender for AC and Computer view
27September 25, 2017Notice for Convenience Charges view
28June 2, 2017Information for Online Admission view
29April 1, 2017Tender Letter for Solar System view
30April 1, 2017Technical Specification and Scope of Work for Solar System view
31April 1, 2017Notice Inviting Tender for Solar System view
32April 1, 2017Eligibility and Evaluation Criteria for Solar System view
33March 14, 2017Tender Letter Date Extension view
34February 25, 2017Tender Letter view